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Parents & Teachers

Your child has the opportunity to sign on to participate in our redesigned, environmental education web site for children, ROSCOE's Recycle Room. ROSCOE (an acronym for Recycle Our Steel; Conserve Our Environment) is the official 'spokescan' of the Steel Recycling Institute. But first, we want to explain to you what the site is all about.

When your child signs on, his or her name will NOT be used on any mailing lists, 3rd party requests or for any purpose other than to track site usage. We are, however, running an ongoing "contest" through which your child earns points toward having his or her username placed on the publicly viewable "Leaderboard." These points are earned by the points accrued in games within the site and potential future site enhancements.

The site itself provides fun and interesting ways for your child to learn about steel recycling and solid waste management. The site is targeted to children ages 8 to 13; however, younger children may view the site without parental concern about its content.

Some multimedia, such as videos and pictures, may be hosted on 3rd party sites but linked to through ROSCOE’s Recycle Room. All multimedia is continuously monitored and moderated to ensure content remains suitable for children.

Here are the site elements:

  • Several games that promote the importance of steel recycling in a variety of ways
  • Infographics on primary steel material industries that can be shared, with your approval, via social networking sites
  • Story and photo galleries that showcase other children demonstrating their love of recycling
  • Ability to submit your own stories and photos
  • Fun facts and trivia

I hope you'll share a few minutes with your child going through this site. Who knows, you may learn something!

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the site, please contact us using the link at the bottom of every page.